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Romblon Province is a cluster of twenty islands lying in the Sibuyan Sea, at the center of the Philippine archipelago. The Cabanbanan Dive Resort is located on Romblon Island, one of the three major islands (Romblon, Sibuyan, Tablas). Until now, the island remains off the tourist beaten track.

Romblon,Romblon (on Romblon Isl.) is the capital of the province Romblon is also called “Marble Country” and experts say that their marble are equal to Italian marble in quality.

CABANBANAN DIVE AND BEACH RESORT lays on the northern coast of Romblon Isl. It is accessible by boat from Romblon,Romblon (Town of Romblon Isl) within 20-30 minutes. There is no road to the resort.

If you have a reservation at the resort, or if you’re going to stay at least one night, we will pick you up for free with our boat (CABANBANAN DIVERS) in Romblon Town at the Moro Pier. Please text us 24 hours in advance:

Tel. 0910 283 76 12
Tel. 0920 711 54 51

Some other small outrigger boats at the Moro Pier might carry you for P. 300 to Cabanbanan

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