Fish Sanctuary

In the year 2006, the Local Government in cooperation with NGO’s established several Fish Sanctuaries around the island of Romblon.

The Agtongo Rock Marine Sanctuary was already founded in 1999 (Municipality Resolution). It is located in “Barangay” Agtongo, just in front of Cabanbanan Dive & Beach Resort.

In cooperation with the Local Government, the Cabanbanan Dive and Beach Resort supports the Sanctuary with maintenance and 24 hours guarding for its protection.

During the last 15 years the biodiversity, the amount on corals, fish and other marine life increased very impressive. The regular and very closed observation of the reefs development throughout the past years until today shows that the Agtongo Marine Park became a very needed place of refuge for so many species of fish and other organisms to spawn and reproduce.

Beside of being a refuge, the reef is wonderful for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Fish Sanctuaries/Marine Parks Entrance Fees

Scuba Diving Entrance: P. 100
Snorkeling Entrance: P. 25

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